Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Heartists

More than 70% of our team are Women. We take proud in hiring our team from the three villages surrounding our Golf Course. Without knowledge of the sport, we provide in-depth trainings for your comfort of playing.

Bird Sanctuary

In 2020, a census started with Cambodian Bird Guide Association. Over 70 species were found around the golf course. To preserve flora and fauna, we keep various areas to nature in which we observe more and more animals.

Solar System

Our Club House is equipped with solar panels. From electricity to hot water, the system helps us to preserve the environment and our energy consumption.

Organic Fertilizer

Golf Courses require an intense maintenance. As we are aware of the negative impact it has on the soil, and in a spirit of preserve the wildlife, we are using organic fertilizer.


We sort our waste and recycle a majority of it, including cans, bottles and golf carts batteries.

Local Products

We are committed in the community by supporting local farmers. With Agrisud and Eggscellent, we prepare local, fresh and organic food on a daily basis.