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Welcome to Phokeethra Country Club, Cambodia’s first world-class international golf course that offers you a unique, challenging golfing experience with its sweeping fairways, fast greens and intriguing design. With a superb location in the heart of the Cambodian countryside, Phokeethra Country Club is just a short drive from the historic world heritage site of Angkor Wat.

Phokeethra Country Club is also ranked amongst the top five of the Best New Courses in Asia by Asian Golf Monthly Magazine and ranked as the Top Investment by TTG Magazine. The course was awarded ‘Best Course in Cambodia’ for 2017 with sister property Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort also scooping up the title of ‘Best Golf Resort in Asia Pacific’.

Host of the Cambodian Open

Within the grounds of Phokeethra Country Club stands the magnificent Roluh bridge that dates back to the Khmer Empire in the 11th century AD. Declared an archaeological site for preservation by the Apsara Authority and UNESCO, the bridge represents a link between the past and the present, offering our members and guests a chance to enjoy the architectural riches of this beautiful country in a luxurious setting.

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Within the grounds of Phokeethra Country Club stands the magnificent ‘Roluh’ bridge, an official Khmer archaeological site dating back to the 11th century AD. In the ancient time of the Khmer Empire, travellers and pious pilgrims would take this route, connecting Angkor to Phimai in Thailand. Hospitals and houses were spread down the ancient highway, with remains marking out Phimai’s unique cultural route, covering a distance of approximately 150 kilometres. Prasat Phimai was originally built in the 11th century after a large part of the Buddhist Kingdom of Dhvaravadi was conquered and became the domain of the Khmer Empire.Behind our name Phokeethra, which means the “City of the Mythical Naga”, is an ancient story and belief of the powerful serpent spirit, Phya Naga.

This powerful mythical creature was revered for its demigod qualities, and usually portrayed as a giant snake, with its long torso covered with shiny, luminous scales the color of radiant emeralds. As a deity, the Naga could grant an abundance of blessings, peace and prosperity. The grounds that Naga resided was famed for its riches, and was considered the most serene and prosperous place.

Phokeethra Country Club, named after where Naga lived, aims to be the place where guests feel that they have experienced the joy and ambiance comparable to that of Naga’s sublime and wondrous abode. This spectacular history and ancient belief of the Phya Naga that is closely linked to Siem Reap’s past creates a unique setting in the Phokeethra Golf Course as well.

The Phokeethra Golf Course is designed to accommodate golfers of all levels. The beginner golfers can enjoy generous greens and wide fairways from the front tees. On the other hand, experienced golfers can challenge themselves to tougher tees where most of the holes are lined with palm trees with a generous amount of water and bunkers to avoid to experience why Phokeethra Country Club is renowned as the most challenging course in Cambodia!

By having this variety of difficulty on our golf course, we hope to create a sense of interest and most of all enjoyment for all!

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